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Mini Eddsworld - Mason and Terrance by XxJerra-chanxX
Mini Eddsworld - Mason and Terrance
Mason Harvard
Age: 15
Grade: 10 (Sophomore)
Cosplays as Matt
Back Story: With only a mother to take care of him, Mason has been creative when it comes to cosplay when him and his mother make costumes for each convention he goes to. During his school years he met Terrance and they became close friends. He sees Terrance as a caring friend who would fight for what he stands for. When he saw Eddsworld on YouTube, he noticed he looks like Matt so he decided to wear a purple hoodie and a green overcoat if it gets cold out, and notices Terrance looked like Tord so they really liked the idea of the colored hoodies. Then when he met Emmet and Tanner, he liked the idea of being in a cosplay group with them, including with Terrance.

Terrance Larison
Age: 15
Grade: 10 (Sophomore)
Back Story: With a strict mother and a carefree father, Terrance is neutral but overall gets picked on by bullies at school. Then when he met Mason, he became stronger inside. He would watch Eddsworld with him and reenactment as Tord a bit with dual toy guns. Then when he met Emmet and Tanner, he felt really happy to have three great friends who support him even from all the bullying he had in the past.
Mini Eddsworld - Emmet and Tanner by XxJerra-chanxX
Mini Eddsworld - Emmet and Tanner
So I decided since I seen a lot of cosplay groups on YouTube, I should make a fan-made one for Eddsworld, or in this case for my Gijinka Eddsworld blog.

This is Mini Eddsworld. A four-person group who loves to cosplay Eddsworld. In order as this goes, I will start from the leader to the followers.

Emmet Goulding
Age: 14
Grade: 10 (Sophomore)
Cosplays as Edd
Back Story: As a baby, Emmet had two loving parents. They originally lived in the UK in his first years of being born. After he turned 2, his parents decided to move to the US to start a new life. Somehow though on their plane trip, they somehow got teleported to Gijinka. When they were teleported, they somehow had hidden Gijinka DNA and got animal features. So as time went by, Emmet's father did his best to provide for the family. Around 5 to 6 years of his life, his father shows him Eddsworld and Tomska on YouTube. He became very close to it and starts drawing the characters from Eddsworld all the time. As Emmet started school, he would be the smart pupil and at the same time, he would have a sudden urge to draw. Then he meets Tanner Richards, Mason Harvard and Terrance Larison when he started 3rd grade. He was pretty surprised that all three of the guys looked like Tom, Matt and Tord from Eddsworld. So he became friends with them. At that time, his friends introduced him to conventions and cosplay. He then decides to make a cosplay group with all of them and called it Mini Eddsworld. Then in 7th grade, he was home alone one night and when he was watching tv, his parents got into a major car accident and it made headlines on the news. His heart sank quickly when he found out and his friends came to cheer him up, also at that time he found out Edd Gould died of cancer on Earth. He had no one to care for him but he still looked up to the Heavens to his inspiration with all his bravery and strength. Little does he know though, his actual last name is actually Gould. Goulding is his uncle's last name. So in relation, he is related to Edd Gould himself.

Tanner Richards
Age: 15
Grade: 10 (Sophomore)
Cosplays as Tom
Back Story: Born in a religious family, Tanner has been a good child for a long time and behaved well but was shy around new people. Then when he met Emmet, Mason and Terrance, he grew out of his shell and started to be open with people and to the guys. Years passed and he then grew a bit close to Emmet that he started to have feelings for him.
Anybody wanna request me something Eddsworld related? I'm all ears!

I will not do a lot of gore, but I'm willing to do blood.
Will allow ships, including yaoi ships (example: Tom x Edd and Tord x Matt).

So please comment below of your request!


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Edd Shity Stamp by Jean-Kirschstein

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Which insane minecrafter are you?
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