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1. How did you react to your first jumpscare? Who scared you first?
    My first reaction was that I did a little scream I leaned on my side, covering my mouth.

2. Have you actually played the game?
    No, only watched the YouTube videos.

3. Do you play the demo, or full version? If so, What night are you on?
    Didn't play them.
4. Which character do you love most?
    Foxy. ewe

5. Which character do you hate most?
    None of them.

6. If you wanted to change they're name, what would you name them?
   Bonnie so we know what he/she is!  

7. If you wanted to be captured by one of the characters, who would you want to capture you?
    Um...none... /oAo\;;

8. Do you know about the bite of 87?
    Yes when a kid had his frontal lobe bitten off by Foxy or Freddy?

9. What was your reaction to 87?
    I wasn't born at the time soooo yeah. =w=;;

      I think it's when Golden Freddy appears. 

11. Do you have a OC of a night guard? Or a robot-like-animal character?
      No. ^^;

12. Don't you just hate your boss for setting this trap up to you?
      Well yeah!

13. Don't you think this Boss could do it himself?
      Yeah cause he should be watching the animatronics!

14. What ship do you ship the characters? (Not with your OC)
      Foxy x Mike, and Freddy x Chica

15. What ship do you ship the characters? (With your OC)
      Don't have none lol.

16. How many times have you been captured and screwed? Or how many do you think you know?
      Never played the game yet soooo yeah. =w=;;

17. If this job was real, and you had alot of fursuits of your characters... who'd you be?
      I'd say the wolf version of my persona.

18. Were you surprised when Foxy was running after that door?
      Yes lol.

19. Swiggity Swooty Foxy comin for that Booty.
      Mmmmm dat pirate needs his booty! 

20. Do you think Chica is a chicken or a duck? What's your opinion?

21. Do you think Bonnie is a good name for a boy rabbit?
      I'd say Bonnie's a guy. =w=;;

22. What do you usually do when the power goes out, knowing your going to get screwed?
      I stay still and not move what so freaking ever!! 

23. Have you ever went in the game BLIND? (meaning you knew nothing about it!)

24. Did you watch other people on Youtube play it? If so, who? If not, who do you wish to play it?  
     Let's see. Markiplier, PewDiePie, Cryaotic, CinnamonToastKen, and SkyDoesMinecraft played it. =w=

25. Who do YOU think murdered the five kids?
      I never put any thought into it, it just says one of the employees did it. 

26. If you were best friends with one of the characters who would it be? (It cant be your favorite one either!)
      I would say Chica. Mostly cause me and her have a similarity of cooking. (My favorite character's Foxy btw lol)

27. If you wanted to bring a weapon in the office with you, what would it be?
      A katana! Wonder how that can slice through the skin and the endoskeleton.

28. I wonder what they're doing in the kitchen....
       Gotta make them pizza!

29. Oh no! Foxy is coming for you!
     Oh nu he gonna come get my booty!

30. Do those screams scare you when you get caught? 
    Nah not really. =w=;;

I tag :iconretro-head:, :iconcrazyshadowxd:, :iconskylar-persson:, and anyone else who wants to answer these questions. ewe Hue.


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Which insane minecrafter are you?
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